“Mari is an amazingly gifted yoga teacher and a beautiful person to match.

I am amazed with her knowledge and skill, yet She is so approachable and never intimidating, which as a student, is such a wonderful gift.

Any questions, whatever they may be, she welcomes with a smile and and answer. I feel so fortunate to have been able to practice and learn from Mari.”

~ Andi from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Mari is a beautiful soul and an amazing, authentic teacher. I love the variety of her classes and her spirituality.

She is always willing to answer any of my questions and willing to show me how to perfect my asanas.

She has been so understanding and has given me so much confidence.”

~ Dana from Bronx, New York

I feel so lucky to have had Mari as a teacher on my yoga teacher training. Her energy is wonderful to be around and her wisdom, curiosity and generous nature made the learning process so enjoyable, novel, and profound. She is engaging and engaged. She is very creative at how she teaches a subject in a way that evokes thought and discussion.

She is patient, joyful, and authentic in her desire to teach and help.”

~ Sarah from Brighton, United Kingdom

“Mari’s teachings and classes Are life-transforming.

I enjoy each and every meditation she offers. She has the voice of an angel and is a beautiful soul inside and out. She is an incredible yoga teacher. I really appreciate all her guidance and knowledge.”

~ Rebecca from Ottawa, Canada

“Mari is a beautiful soul and a wonderful, caring teacher.

Her voice is so beautiful and I was enchanted by her songs, chants, and guitar playing.

Her music brought so much to my yoga journey. She has taught me so much. She is so thoughtful and answers my questions so painstakingly carefully.”

~ Barbara from Port Tobacco, Maryland

“Mari has so much grace, a real beauty and a flow. She shines whenever she goes and it is truly an honor to have been her student.

She is so patient, so kind and gentle, and open to laughter.

Her classes are a delight ~ at times a nice power flow, at times more gentle. She has made me proud to become a yoga teacher.”

~ Audrey from Brittany, France

“Mari is an amazing, inspirational leader. She has truly taught me so much about yoga and about myself.

I’m honored to have learned a yogic lifestyle by her, because she is truly one of a kind.”

~ Kelsey from Palm Beach, Florida


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